Wednesday, June 18, 2008

MyWireLessNews is Exploding Already...

MyWireLessNews went into prelaunch on June 11, 2008 and people are joining in droves. Members are having their teams grow almost overnight. Everyone is excited about being able to earn huge incomes and retire from everyone's cell phone use.

It's exciting to know that as a representative of MyWireLessNews you can earn income 3 ways. You're able to be paid upfront bonuses as well as residual income. And to be involved with a company and product that has such a "buzz" to it makes it not only fun and exciting but easy to do.

You can earn from $50 - $350.00 at one time as a weekly upfront bonus. Then if the people you bring in do the same you can make between $50 - $300.00 at one time as another weekly upfront bonus. This could potentially add up to thousands of dollars a month. And this doesn't even include the monthly residual income potential. Not only that but the company gives you free cell phone minutes, so it's a win win situation for everyone.

Representatives currently are able to do business in the United States and Puerto Rico. Eventually it will be a global opportunity as the company expands worldwide. The faster you get involved the faster you can earn substantial income.

When it comes to marketing MyWireLessNews internet marketing is a great choice. I personally have been able to sponsor dozens of people without ever calling a single lead. You can find out more details by going to

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rqm11 said...

Hey Trisha,

Great article and very informative...

MyWirelessNews is breaking all records and those that recognize this will be in position to capitalize on this historic event of being able to earn a % on all monthly wireless usage of your members and their members to infinity!

I am the Leader of The Wireless Success Team, one of the largest and fastest growing teams... join us for downline building help and co-ops!

Can you hear me now?

Robert Q. Matias
Founding Member
MyWirelessNews Team Leader